Service for gears

Inspection of gears

Vermessung von Zahnrädern
Vermessung von Zahnrädern
At MHD we can do inspections and checks of straight and helical spur gears as well as bevel gears. The measuring procedures are fully automatic and the quality parameters are proved with a printed test record. This is important for machine acceptances of rebuilt and remanufactured gear hobbers since we can check and prove immediately after cutting the quality of the jobs to the customer.


Technical data Höfler EMZ 631

min./max. job diameter:630 mm
min./max. helix angle:0 - 60°
min./max. module:0,75 - 20 mm
max. gear face width (continuous inspection):  500 mm
min./max. distance between centers:20 - 1050 mm
max. load of table