Gear shapers of WSM series

New machines with Sinumerik 840 D sl und 6 (7) NC- controlled axes
for shaping of internal and external gears on cylindrical workpieces
with straight and helical teeth

Our new Gear shapers of the WSM series offer wide manufacturing
methods for cylindrical gears with straight and helical teeth up to
diameter 1200 mm,  maximum module 16 and maximum face widht
of 440 mm.

A torque- motor as direct drive for the tool rotation 
and a servo motor as stroke spindle drive provide heavy duty
shaping operation of workpieces. Since the tool rotation is by
gearless drive we supply also electronic guides for manufacturing
of helical gears.  

Our machines guarantee high productivity due to various features, for example
automatical positioning of the axial slide (Z- axis). The electronic guides are a
very interesting feature for job shop customers who produce a wide range of gears,
because the manual change of mechanical guides (each helix angle requires his own guide) is obsolete.

Application of spur gears with internal gear is in differential gear boxes in automotive, in planetary gear
boxes and in gear type pumps. Gear boxes in mining equipment, in various mechanical engineering applications
and in wind power generation complete the application areas. Our gear shapers of the WSM serieas are
suitable both for mass production and small batch production due to their short setting time and operator
friendly software.


Design features of gear shapers WSM series:

  • rigid construction design for machine bed, main column and counter column
  • hardened and ground precision flat guideways
  • central opening in the machine bed for quick removal of chips
  • state of the art drive engineering (torque motors)
  • Linear- und rotatory feedback devices Heidenhain und Renishaw
  • Operator interface on Sinumerik 840D Solution Line
  • Various shaping cycles available, such as spiral infeed, degressive
    infeed etc.

Short setting times are provided by:

  • automatical positioning of axial slide with 450 / 560 mm travel
    by NC- program
  • Automatical change from internal to external gear without
    manual exchage of camv
  • Automatical stroke lenght setting
  • Expeditious corrections by means of a convenient operator interface,
    including diagnostic messages





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