P 900 CNC - reference machine, 
CNC CONTROL SIEMENS 828D solution line

max. job diameter: 900 mm
max. module:14 mm
 overall travel Z:492 mm
overall travel X:500 mm
 overall travel Y:200 mm

Scope of recondition:
- radial and axial axis are controlled by the NC- control
- if the hob head has a tangential slide: tangenial axis as third axis
- exchange of the complete electric and electronic parts
- new electric cabinet
- CNC- control Siemens 828 D
- machine operator panel Siemens 828 D with colour screen

Options: (especially for conventional Liebherr – gear hobbers)
- modification of the radial axis
  (removal of hydraulic feed system and assemblage of ballscrew and related parts,
  implementation in the NC- programs) - improved accuracy for the working cycle


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