Modification of conventional hob heads to direct drive with seperate drive motor, suitable for NC- controlled machines without change gears

We provide for machines with older generations of NC controls the
remanufacturing and modification of conventional hob heads to direct
drive. That modification improves significantly the machine features
such as hob spindle speed and capacity.

The remanufactured hob head allows application of carbide hobs.

Our scope of supply indludes:
- construction design and assemblage of a new hob spindle, including
  new bearings for increased hob speed
- modification to hydraulic hob arbour clamping optional
- modification of the housing (cast iron) to accomodate the new
  drive parts
- new tangential slide
- modification of the machine kinematic system, separation of the hob
  head drive from the main drive in the main column
- modification of the hob head gearbox