New heavy duty hob heads

MHD Maschinenservice provides new heavy duty
hob heads for gear hobbers in three different
sizes. The hob head with direct drive could for
example replace the standard hob head after
the remanufacturing of a NC- gear hobber.

In addition to common hobs the application of
hobs with carbide inserts is possible. 
Our new heavy duty hob heads features a long
tangential slide and a long tangential travel
to use the advantages of the new tools best.
Liquid- cooled servomotors of the Siemens
series 1 PH8 are spindle drives, a backlash- free
transmission gear box guarantees high performance
also during interrupted cutting (approach- and
exit of hob). Hydraulic hob arbor clamping is
our standard, the main spindle and the counterbearing
have anti- friction ball bearings. 



 small size   medium size  large size   
max.hob diameter175 mm300 mm450 mm
max. hob lenght220 mm350 mm500 mm
max. tangential travel240 mm350 mm350 mm
input power12 kW35 kW45 kW